The West Loop of Chicago.

When most think of Chicago they think of the gleaming skyscrapers, the John Hancock, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, and Lake Michigan. But there are other gems in this city that have begun to draw increasingly large groups of tourists and residents alike, and the West Loop is just one of those neighborhoods and one that Core Group Chicago believes should be highlighted as one of the new up and coming regions of Chicago—one any new resident would do well to experience!

The Chicago West Loop, only thirty years ago, was (as one commenter put it) ‘a dangerous industrial wasteland.’ Fortunately, the area has been rebuilt and redefined, and this isn’t the first time. The West Loop, named as it stands west of the Chicago river underneath the El as well as an old trolley line (which made a Loop through Streeterville, the South Loop, West Loop, etc… ) is the original location of the O’Leary residence where some occurrence (probably not a cow however) started the fire that consumed two thirds of the city over a period of two days—forcing the city in general to reconsider the wisdom of tightly packed wooden construction.  It took only two decades to rebuild everything from brick and mortar, resulting in much of the character and architecture we see in Chicago today, and for the West Loop to become a new center of manufacturing and industry—a center which has seen new development of West Loop Condos, many of them loft style and converted from the old warehouses that filled the area.

Much of the current revival, believe it or not, is the result of Oprah Winfrey who decided to place her studio in the West Loop in the mid 80s, drawing tourists and stimulating economic development and rebuilding. Internationally famous restaurants are now the crown jewel of this recovery, led by Moto, Blackbird, and others especially along the little strip of Greektown on Halstead.


The area has borders at Grand Avenue to the north, the Chicago River to the east, I-290 to the south, and Ashland Avenue to the West. Transportation is easy thanks to the Green Line (stops at Clinton and Ashland), the Blue line (Clinton, UIC-Halsted, and Racine), or the Metra lines. xenical precio colombia Pills

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