Uptown for Friday Nights in Chicago!

People think of Uptown as if it were the whole of Chicago, compressed into a few square blocks but with all the life of the rest of the city as a whole. The neighborhood is technically made up many smaller neighborhoods, each with unique character—Margate Park, Truman Square, Clarendon Park, and Buena Park to name a few—and bordered by Foster Avenue to the North, Lake Michigan to the East, Ravenswood to the west, and to the south Montrose Avenue from Ravenswood Avenue to Clark Street and the Lake. If you have an option in mind, let us know. We’d be happy to have a Core Group Chicago agent show you around the neighborhood and show you the boundaries, and show you apartment options within Uptown itself.

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The area has had a fantastically interesting history as the region, originally farmland, transitioned into a neighborhood of middle to upper-class citizens and attracted a thriving entertainment industry by the early 1900’s, highlighted with the Riviera, the Uptown Theater, and the Aragon Ballroom.  Each of these are still standing today, though the Uptown Theater is not currently in use and is in GREAT need of renovation and repair. Still, a great way to spend a Friday evening!

Yet the Great Depression brought stress to the area as immigrants from all stripes flocked to the region and overwhelmed housing, increasing poverty, crime, and forcing some of the upper class residents to reconsider their location. Since that time, however, much has changed. Uptown is still an entertainment district, and you can still find affordable housing. But its access to both the lake and the downtown area have drawn many developers and inspired them to produce high quality loft, apartment, and condo options. This makes Uptown distinctly affordable, distinctly luxurious, with shopping, nightlife, and more all compressed and forged together.

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At this point in time Uptown exists as one of Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods financially, ethnically, and atmospherically. Any type of housing option should be readily available with a little searching and there are numerous easy access lines to the downtown—notably the Red Line ‘L’ and a number of north / south busses. Ask us to show you around today!

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