How to make the transition to Chicago Apartments

In a lot of ways, college living and living in an apartment are a lot alike. There is limited space, the sticker shock can be surprisingly severe, but you are likely to have the best time of your life. Whether you are transitioning from a parent or relative’s house to your very first apartment, or moving from the dorms into Chicago apartments Cheap Buy nombre generico y comercial de benadryl for the first time, there are some things you should be aware of to help make the transition easier.

It’s time to simplify. Thoreau’s wisdom notwithstanding, square footage anywhere n the Chicago area is priced at a premium. You can always afford more  by going in with roommates, but one way or another you are going to find that you simply don’t have the same amount of room for ‘stuff’ that you might have in other living arrangements. So, get rid of it or store it. Go through your closets and see what you haven’t worn in the past year and a half. Donate it. While you are packing, if it isn’t necessary, don’t box it. The less you have the easier your move will be, and the more space you will have when you get there. But ruthless and remember than a simple, efficient lifestyle has been shown to lengthen lifespan substantially. This is probably your best chance to de-junk ever.

 Avoid cinderblocks—get real furniture. While this is a college standby you can easily avoid it and are right to do so. I have seen a few setups with certain blocks painted and built into urban/industrial themes that have come off really really well, but if you are simply building a cave avoid the weight that they bring, the damage that they do to other furniture and wood floors, and instead hit a used or hospital store (or just keep your eyes out around dumpsters during move-in season) for plain wooden shelving or desk material. It is lighter, much easier to move, and looks far less tacky unless you are taking a designer route. Just make sure to clean up and wipe down any furniture before you bring it into your apartment. A good smell check is also recommended, lest you wake up in the middle of the night and wonder what died.



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