Tips to save on your Apartment or other Rental Space

At Core Group our agents understand that shopping for apartments, housing, and office space in Chicago is confusing, stressful, and difficult. We also realize that in Chicago real estate is at a premium and for many people finding affordable space is an absolute necessity. It is our goal to be an asset to your search, breaking down what you need and where you need to be to find you an apartment that is right for you, and competitively priced as well. Here are some of our tips also help you look at your renting options and get the true price of any apartment or other space. 



Use Core to Comparison shop


Our proprietary property search engine can help give you a finely focused price range and the options that fall within them, taking hours of sifting through listings out of your equation. Use filters and keyword searches to further focus down to specific neighborhoods and types of apartments (number of bedrooms, convertible, bathrooms, etc…)


Determine True Value of Amenities


When you are visiting a location find out exactly what amenities are included and also ask about non standard amenities, like groceries in the area, cable, wireless internet, and laundry. Weight room and storage fees are something else to investigate, along with parking availability. Even if you get a great apartment these little issues can add a surprising amount to your monthly bills and their cost needs to be accounted for.



Stick to middle floors for utility costs, price

There is a general logic to people preferring the top floors in apartment buildings. In a three floor building, for instance, most people think of the bottom floor as being unsafe (a real concern if the apartment complex has low windows and the bottom floor isn’t taken up by lobby space or shops), the middle floors as being boring, and the top floors as having the best view and also having the best heat as heat, of course, rises. However, Middle floors actually tend to be the best as they are insulated above and below, and also have cheaper rents compared to Chicago penthouse Apartments floors.


Pick the right neighborhood, convenience vs. price

Living downtown in Loop Apartments can save you a lot of commuting time, but it is expensive. Further away is  cheaper, but you may end up being late from time to time… figure out your CTA or driving routes ahead of time, and see if they are acceptable.


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