Tips for Chicago Apartment Hunters


Want to live in Chicago for work, school, or retirement, but not sure where to start you rental search? Core Group is here to help you. We specialize in all areas of Chicago real estate, matching renters and landlords to their perfect counterparts all across the city, finding business people their perfect office space, and helping Chicago families locate the townhouse, home, or condo that they need to grow and thrive in Chicago.


So what Purchase Buy Chicago Apartment tips do you need to know for your apartment search?


First of all:

Make up a budget that measures your income, savings, and your buffer fund. This, after you add another ten percent to your cost of living for Chicago prices and taxes, you should be able to decide how much you have to spend on rent. Typically your apartment expenditure every month should not be more than one third of your income.


Once you have your price range go back and consider how much space you make. In Chicago space is at a premium and if you want to live close to the downtown area you will pay for it. There are, however, options available for you. You can go with a smaller or studio apartment, or you can head away from the downtown area while still making sure to stay on a main commute line for ease of access to your place of work. This can save you huge amounts on your rent with only a moderate loss as far as time per day.


Balance safety needs. Most areas of Chicago are clean, quiet, and perfectly safe. If you do visit an area and feel that safety may be an issue talk to the building manager about the security in place. Do they have a doorman? Will you be on the bottom floor? Do you see people walking confidently on the streets? Buy

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