More Tips for Chicago Apartment Hunters


Get to know the apartment atmosphere. This can be difficult if you are visiting the apartment from out of town, but if possible try to visit on a weekend and see how loud the area is, how loud the rooms around yours will be. It is always better to know ahead of time and avoid potentially painful situations where you find that the room is great, but you cannot handle the atmosphere. Also talk to landlords about the atmosphere and what rules might be in place.


Buy Get the whole price of your rent. Talk to the landlord when you visit about what exactly is included in your rent, how much rent goes up year by year, and how much the average resident is paying on top of rent for utilities, etc… More than one good budget has been ruined by surprise fees over time. Also plan for renters insurance, parking, laundry, storage deposits, and any other costly details that your landlord can provide f or you.


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online Do a more thorough inspection. Most apartments are repainted and staged very nicely for your visit. But when you check one out take a look for signs of neglect, poor construction, or past damage. Check around windows, under the sink area, and in the cupboards. Droppings, mold, cracks, and rust are dead giveaways. Also listen by the windows for signs of a poor fit, as anything you can find you can ask to have fixed before your move in. online


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Get an expert to help you. Like a Core Group Purchase expert. We know Chicago and all of the neighborhoods where we help with apartment searches, and we know what questions you need to ask and what spots you need to check when you get ready to move in. At Core your satisfaction and your success is everything—call or contact us today and see why.

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