Surprising attractions in Lincoln Park

There is a reason that as many people live in Lincoln Park as they do. The area is beautiful. Far from good train lines, neglected by grocery stores, and missing out on good shopping as it is, few places can beat in the summer for simply offering things to do—outside.

Lincoln Park. Lincoln Park has the cities, and the countries, and the worlds, largest free zoo. You can wander around its exhibits every day, rain or shine, to your heart’s content without spending a cent. Plus there are all sorts of special events, including Zoo Lights to celebrate the Christmas season with tremendous decorations, Halloween parties, and Easter Egg hunts.

Lincoln Park Archery Range. To the extreme north of the neighborhood, on the north wing of Belmont Harbor, Lincoln Park Archery range has been providing archery enthusiasts with ample, safe space to practice their sport for over a hundred years. The place doesn’t look like much unless archers have targets up to shoot, but look for an old green shed (up for rebuilding soon) and a large rectangular fence bordered with trees and a hilly back stop, and you will have found it.

The Air and Water Show. Taking place in late summer every day the air and water show brings fighter jets, parachuters, ships, and stunt planes to Lincoln Park where many of the crossovers and stunts occur at eye level to the Pills Pills Lincoln Park Apartment Buy Buy Pills seth roberts  high-rises lining the park area and those crowding the roofs to get a better look.

Lincoln Park Driving range. Located north of the Zoo and South of Belmont Harbor the driving range provides two levels to let little white balls fly. Parking is available. Tennis courts are nearby as well.

Lincoln Park Beaches. While not as famous as North Avenue beach beneath the shadow of Chicago’s tallest buildings, Lincoln Park’s beaches, sprawling across the entire lakeshore, are less crowded and quieter and are packed with sports options including dozens of volleyball nets and an enclosed ice hockey field that doubles as a social dodge ball court in the summers. online

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