What style of apartment is right for you?

Chicago offers a surprising and refreshing variety of living options, however deciding what you should look for can be a dizzying experience especially if you are going into it alone. Fortunately the experts at Core Group Chicago are ready with years of experience to help you track down the best Chicago apartment options for you, so that your search goes faster and you move into the perfect space on the perfect timeframe.

But even with expert help, deciding exactly what type of space you should invest in can be a tricky proposition. After all, compared to the sprawling condo villages or single family homes you find in smaller cities or towns, Chicago is a cornucopia of different sized spaces in different sized and styled buildings, some with great facilities and extras, some so Spartan you are lucky if there is a light bulb when you get there. But if you are an apartment shopper you will likely come down to two main options to chose from: the single bedroom apartment, or the studio.

Chicago studio apartments are the first option and the most affordable. These are basically one room with a closet and bathroom attached and features like an oven, refrigerator, and cupboards in one part of the room. The small size and simple layout of studios makes them very easy to decorate and you can actually fit a surprising number of people in the space by seating them around the walls and on the bed, more even than you can fit in a one bedroom of similar size. However many people feel strange being in the same space where you sleep, even if there is only one room. If you plan on hosting a lot of family or guests, or hosting parties often, you may want to invest in the higher rent one bedroom option for their convenience.

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