Looking to Stage your Condo?

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Core Group Chicago means to be unique, a real estate brokerage and agency that can assist you with whatever property transaction you are considering, no matter what side of it you are on. If you have commercial property you need to sell, or you are in the market for office space of your own, if you are trying to move a condo to make room for bigger and better things, or if you are ready to invest in property for the very first time, or if you just need an apartment we can assist you. Take advantage of our attention to your needs, our expertise, and our market penetration to help match you with the perfect property, or the perfect buyer, today.

Selling a Chicago condo is very different than moving an apartment or an office space, however, and it requires special action on your part. You need to know how to stage it properly. Apartments are always shown empty, after the old tenants have moved out and the floors have been redone, the walls repainted or patched as necessary. Condos are lived in until the sale and that means that potential buyers end up seeing all of your stuff floating around, and if your decorating doesn’t suite them it could possibly cost you a deal.

Try to make sure that prior to a showing you remove as many personal items as possible. While your furniture will still give the space life and a lived in feel, having walls and shelves more on the clear side will open up the area, making it seem bigger, and will also help the prospective buyer visualize what they would do with the condo after they have it. You also need to Clean, clean, clean, and then clean some more. When you sell a used car, you vacuum the floors and put in new car smell. When you sell an apartment, you make that apartment look like a dream room out of a catalogue, so that when they mentally decide to buy they are convinced on even a subconscious level that they are getting a ‘new toy’ a fresh start that looks as clean as they imagine their new life in that place will be.


This is the minimum. You can also invest in scented candles (especially food fragrances in the winter, or more natural fragrances in summer) and intentionally emphasize the best parts of your condo and the neighborhood that it is a part of.

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