Specific Housing Options in Carl Sandburg Village

Carl Sandburg Village is divided into a number of smaller condo associations, with separate management, under the blanket Carl Sandburg Village Homeowners Association managed by Draper and Kramer. All residents are responsible for following the rules and regulations of the village including dog leashing, respect for the landscape, and facility use. Pet policies depend on the individual association or condo type. Here are different associations / buildings in the Sandburg Village.

1. Cummings and Dickinson Houses at 360 N Sandburg and 1355 N Sandburg. 28 stories each. 569 units.

2. Alcot and Bryant Houses at 1460 N and 1455 N Sandburg. 28 stories each. 569 units. Virtual twins of Cummings and Dickinson Houses above.

3. Townhouses. 60 townhomes total in two styles: 2 story Townhomes and 1 bedroom artist lofts with skylights into studio area.

4. Eliot House at 1255 N. Sandburg. 324 units. 28 stories.

5. Faulkner house. No pets. 70 W. Burton Pl. 30 stories. 224 units.

6. Lowell House. No pets. 88 W. Schiller St. 29 stories. 252 units.

7. James House. 1560 N Sandburg. 43 stories. 520 units. Building is slightly newer and unit prices tend to be higher. The tallest building in Sandburg Village, also has the best view.

8. Kilmer House. 1555 N Sandburg. 6 stories. 96 units. Building is slightly newer and unit prices tend to be higher. Along with James house, was completed in 1971.

The units have been extensively upgraded during their lifetimes and remain one  of the best options for affordable Chicago condos, especially for those who are looking for an inclusive community with great amenities. Talk to a Core Group Professional about your interest in Sandburg Village or Chicago’s Near North side today to see what is available and arrange a showing at your earliest convenience.


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