Snow Removal Guidelines for Chicago

Spring is here, but not without the threat of a possible late snow storm (one that could be disastrous for fruit trees and farming operations around the USA). But knowledge is hardly seasonal and Core Group Chicago would like to help with a clarification of Chicago Apartment and Chicago Condo snow removal tips and information.

While the city of Chicago recognizes the importance of having shoveled and passable sidewalks, for residents, tourists, and others, the fact is that there is neither the budget nor the manpower for the city to clear every bit of sidewalk over the entire landscape. Hence the responsibility and the threat of a $50 fine for residents, $250-500 fine for businesses of cleaning up and keeping sidewalks clear falls to the owner of whatever property is behind that particular stretch of sidewalk. Also the legal threat if someone should injure themselves as a result of negligent shoveling.

The following is a more precise listing of requirements.

-snow or ice that accumulates before 4:00 p.m. must be removed within three hours.
-snow or ice that accumulates after 4:00 p.m. must be shoveled by no later than 10:00 a.m. the following day.
-snow or ice that is so frozen that it cannot be removed without damaging the pavement must be treated with rock salt or a –similar substance.
-if the sidewalk is huge, you need only clear a path five feet wide.
-do not shovel ice or snow onto streets, crosswalks, or alleys, and do not bury the fire hydrants.
-no matter what, you never have to do anything on Sunday.
-if you’re concerned about someone else’s failure to shovel, report the address to “311” or file an “online snow removal request” with the city of Chicago.
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There are exceptions and clauses. If you live in an apartment it is the job of the apartment manager to deal with the snow. And if you have a sidewalk wider than five feet you only need to clear a path five feet wide to allow foot passage—of vital importance in Chicago’s pedestrian friendly atmosphere.

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