Renting a Streeterville Condo

Streeterville is a favorite spot for more than just college and graduate students working at Northwestern or any one of the other handful of colleges around Chicago’s Loop. Bounded by Michigan Avenue, the Lake, the Chicago River, and Walton Street Streeterville is an ideal location for business people working downtown, artists looking for a youthful community, or retirees looking to experience the big city with an affordable monthly rent. Unfortunately for would be Streeterville renters, however, the only rental space is contained within eleven rental high rises in the neighborhood and openings are scarce. On the other hand, it is very possible for you to score a Streeterville condo for rent if you know who to talk to.

And the experts at Core Group can help with that as well. Streeterville has hundreds of available condos ripe for the picking, and that overpopulation can help convince owner that taking on a renter is better than nothing.

When you rent a condo you do fall under the rules that govern the association, rules involving pets, noise, maintenance, and more. However, as a renter you will not have the right to vote at homeowners’ association meetings.

When looking at rentable Streeterville condos Purchase you need to consider the same factors you would with any other Chicago Apartment Rental, along with some new ones. For instance: you should check about pets, make sure that amenities are available, that the condo has enough space for you, that the building shows good maintenance… you also need to figure out if the condo association fees will be on top of your monthly rent or included as these fees can change and grow depending on events in your building.

You also need to investigate the lease itself as well as any covenants, conditions, or restrictions that the association has to avoid tenancy violations, legal problems, and potential inadvertent fines. Length of stay, roommate situations, use of amenities, and more may be potential issues. Involve the leadership early to avoid problems later.

And whether you are for sure looking for rental options, apartments and less conventional condos alike, in Streeterville or elsewhere, feel free to contact Core Group for assistance anytime. We are ready, willing, and able to help you in your search however we can.


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