What are some options for student living in Chicago?

Chicago is one of the best cities in the world to live in as either a college or university student, or a young professional. The area is rich in schools which attract strong and thriving student bodies. There’s the University of Chicago on the red line below the loop, University of Illinois further up, Roosevelt inside the loop,  Moody in River North, DePaul along the top edge of Lincoln park—and many more, each a fantastic educational opportunity.  But what are some of the living options you can take advantage of while you are in school? After all, you can always live in the dorms but your college years are supposed to mark your liberation and a transition towards independence. Having your own space without an RA checking in every evening, your own roommates (or not), your own utilities, and your own kitchen is a major life step that should be embraced, especially in a city with as much character and life as Chicago.


There is no shortage of living options for a college student coming into the city and we would be happy to show you what we mean. While you, depending on your school, may have to wait a year or possibly two depending on their on-campus residency requirements, the options that will be available afterwards should be enough to suit your needs no matter what they may be.


First of all, if living alone, you can investigate studio style Chicago apartments Purchase in the neighborhood of your school. Studios are the classic one room apartment where your bed will share space with your kitchen. These are, understandably, at the low end of the rent scale however they can be more than serviceable if you know how to furnish. Otherwise try a one bedroom if you have the student loans, or consider teaming up with some friends and picking up a loft or a multi bedroom location. Lofts give you more options as far as creating a pad but they are harder to come by and may be more distant. Apartments, however, are abundant. When you are setting up your lease make sure to ask if you can get a 9 or 10 month lease to match the length of your school year, if you plan on going home for the year. Also, even if a great option is farther from your school than you would prefer make sure to time the commute, as some locations, when right on a train or bus line, can seem closer thanks to a speedy commute.

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