Who lives in Lakeview?

Just north of Lincoln Park Lakeview is a well known, large Chicago community with numerous smaller neighborhoods included inside, and a terrific view of Chicago’s skyline to the south. Express busses along Lakeshore Drive as well as the Red Line, Brown line, and Purple line allow fast transportation to the downtown area, but getting onto the freeway from Lakeview requires a pretty long trek.

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But who lives in Lakeview itself? Mostly young adults, singles and couples, with healthy minorities of families in certain areas. While it is common to see infants and toddlers, school aged children are very rare as most families decide to pick up and move to suburbs or other areas further from the metro area to school and bring up their little ones.

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Parts of Lakeview are definitely oriented towards the party atmosphere. Wrigleyville, for instance, is loaded with Lakeview apartments online Pills Order and condo options, and is also loaded with sports bars that cater to a young party crowd while the area turns into a street revel at night over most weekends whether the Cubs win or lose.

Which is not to say that the area is undedicated. Over 65% of Lakeview residents have college degrees while 30% of those also have advanced degrees. Median household incomes tend to be above national average, despite the relatively youthful culture.

Residents also enjoy some of Chicago’s most underrated beaches, the massive Lincoln Park, and Wrigly stadium along with all the life and excitement that comes with it. Prices for apartments and condos also tend to be lower than they are in Lincoln Park, with a much healthier condo market for sellers as well. Call Core Group today and ask about Lakeview and we will do our best to find a piece of the windy city perfectly suited to you.

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