Why live in Chicago again?

So why do people come to where can i buy alli online Purchase purchase yougara http://tourismtrendsconference.com/micronase-online-calculator/ live in Chicago Order and brave numbing winters, frightening traffic, hordes of tourists, and high rents?

1. The Pizza. Chicago deep dish, as it is known around the country, or just stuffed  pizza, as it’s known in Chicago, is the best in the nation (and the best in the world too). The Burgers are defiantly up there as well.

2. Chicago has one of the best skylines in the world and it’s visible to locals and visitors even miles outside the downtown area. Every day you get to look up at it and realize you are living in one of the major cities of the human race.

3. The Music scene in Chicago is at least in the top five in the US with constant outdoor concerts during the warm seasons, and a tremendous diversity of indoor music bars and shows.

4. With gas prices as they are, Chicago’s public transport (which, despite grumbles when the ground is covered with snow or sleet, is efficient and generally on time) can save an individual thousands compared to running a car and paying for fuel, insurance, parking, and repairs.

5. Chicago has the best neighborhood dives, joints, and cafes in the world. Ask anyone in the city, and they’ll tell you it’s all about the food.

6. Few cities in the world can claim the level of diversity that Chicago boasts. Residents hail from Eastern Europe, South America, Britain, Greece, The Midwest, the Far West, Asia… You have college students, grad students, medical students, young professionals, hipsters, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, tourists… all sharing the same street or the same bus.

7. The museums, galleries, attractions, and events in Chicago set it apart from just about every other city in the US.

8. Although the prices reflect it, Chicago has one of the best cocktail hours, and some of the best nightlife, you can find anywhere.

9. Chicago also has some of the best shopping anywhere.

10. The weather. Horrible as it is, there is nothing like a Chicago winter to make you truly, truly appreciate the beauty that flowers in Chicago’s temperate and gorgeous sprint and summer months.


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