Lincoln Park Amenities

While Lincoln Park stands as an iconic American destination, the kind of place everyone should live once in their lifetime (and condos as well as apartments are in short supply because of it) the area does have a few downfalls as well as incredible attractions.

Grocery stores: Residents in the area will be quick to point out that the Lincoln Park area suffers as far as grocery chains are concerned. Options do exist, including a brand new Trader Joes at the north border of Lincoln Park as well as midsized grocers Big Apple Finer Foods and Lincoln Park Market. However, big names with big name prices such as Jewel, Whole Foods, and Marianos are located too far away to be convenient. Options along the outskirts of Lincoln Park include a Potash Market to the extreme south of Lincoln Park (on Clark and LaSalle), a Treasure Island in Old Town (also to the South), and a Dominick’s on Fullerton at the Red Line to the extreme north of Lincoln Park. Some residents report twenty minute walks one way to get to a larger grocery source.

Train lines. Much of Lincoln Park and most Lincoln Park Apartments are actually too far west to hit the infrequent red line stops, the only train line that runs through the area. Fortunately most CTA buses run frequent routes through the neighborhood hitting all major directions. Most Lincoln Park residents report relying on busses rather than trains more often than residents of most other neighborhoods.

Highways. Getting onto Kennedy expressway is time consuming unless you happen to live very close. For those to the east of Lincoln Park Lakeshore Drive provides a convenient second option.

Schools. Lincoln Park has better than average access to Chicago public schools as well as private school options. Lincoln Park High school stands on Armitage East of Halstead with Lincoln School to the north near Belden and Larabee and Newberry and LaSalle Schools to the south near Willow and Orchard, and North of North Avenue on Sedgwick respectively. The Private schools Francis W Parker School and Latin School are located at Webster and Clark, and LaSalle and Clark respectively.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript); online Buy Cheap Pills Order Purchase xenical from roche

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