Interested in Living in Gold Coast?

Gold coast was once known in the late 1800’s as Astor Street District, named after John Jacob Astor, one of the richest people in the country who did not actually live in Chicago, but was a respected and nationally known citizen whose name gave the neighborhood a strong association with wealth and luxury that has endured even to the present day. Astor has since grown and changed along with the city it calls home. Currently its boarders stand as North Avenue and Division Street on the north, Lake Michigan on the east, Chicago Avenue on the south and Clark and Franklin Streets on the west.

Lake Michigan is the neighborhood’s crowning characteristic and has been a favorite of Chicago natives taking long bike rides along the coast or sunbathing or playing beach volleyball on Chicago’s beaches, which offer some of the best and closest views of the downtown that you can find anywhere. Since taking Astor’s name and also being populated by some of Chicago’s wealthiest and most known citizens (including Potter Palmer, James Charnley, and a mansion constructed by the Chicago Archdiocese) Gold Coast has had a reputation for swank and class—the home of some of Chicago’s most elegant living and the neighborhood of the city’s most influential citizens.

Gold Coast is one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago and tends to be fairly quiet at night, though there are some of the city’s most well known bars and nightlife establishments within easy driving range. The area also boasts some of the city’s best shopping, with day shoppers flowing along the streets at all hours carrying shopping bags from internationally recognized brands. Gold Coast apartments Cheap buy indinavir crystals Cheap online are in ready supply today and the neighborhood is more diverse than most appreciate. You can also find Condos and lofts and luxury living arrangements of all kinds—especially when you have the expert help of professional Core Group realtors and agents. Give us a call today and use our search tab to find the perfect apartments, condos, or other living arrangements in Gold Coast or elsewhere in Chicago. Buy viagra ersatz kaufen call blocker, spy phone android, spy cell phone online

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