Hyde Park, Overlooked Beauty on the South Side

The fact of the matter is that most newcomers to Chicago try to avoid the south side when possible, except for one area that has special scenery and tranquility that most neighborhoods cannot match. Hyde Park, which exists between Hyde Park Blvd and 51 50g viagra st street to the North, Cottage Grove Ave to the West, Lake Michigan to the East, and 60th street to the South, is probably best known for the University of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry, is already a beautiful section of the city with marvelous scenery and tree-lined streets both on and off campus (as the University owns much of the land in the neighborhood, even outside of the normal campus borders). The area is also currently under redevelopment as the University sets out to attract more residents and shoppers with new stores, complexes, townhouses, and hotels.

As Hyde Park sits surrounded by some of the famously bad parts of Chicago, many people wonder if it is safe to consider living there at all. However the neighborhood is remarkably safe and quiet, a state maintained in no small part by the University of Chicago Police Force, one of the largest private police forces in the United States. This change from an area primarily marked by urban decay to one of the nicer and more decorative neighborhoods occurred throughout the late 1950s and the 1960s with a massive urban renewal effort spearheaded, as one might expect, by the University which called Hyde Park’s streets home.

Unfortunately, if you do have work in the loop you should be prepared to try to catch the Hyde Park Express or the U of Chicago Hospitals Express as there is no direct train line to the area from the Loop. However the driving route is fairly direct and the entire area gives you walking access to just about every sort of grocery, dining, or medical facility you could need.

If you are interested in apartments or condos in this well-to-do college town, talk to the Real Estate Professionals at Core Group Chicago as many of the living options in the area are intended mainly for college and graduate students, though there is a large supply of available family style housing as well.

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