Historic Old Town

Old Town, one of the smaller neighborhoods in Chicago, is still one of the best known and best loved by tourists and city regulars alike. Built up after the Great Chicago Fire the neighborhood runs along and around Wells Street, north of downtown Chicago at North Avenue. While the surrounding one way streets and avenues are filled with homes and family-style living options, the street itself contains some very well known and well respected condo complexes filled with young professionals and established business people and their families. A thriving community of retirees can be found nearby as well, taking advantage of the safe reputation of the area as well as the restaurants, attractions, and landmarks.

Wells Street itself boasts dozens of famous restaurants and Chicago ‘dives’ of every color and stripe, along with candy shops, sporting good stores, pet stores, bicycle shops, and more.  Artwork as well as decorative brick walks and iron arches are in abundance, and after the daytime crowd thins out the streets come alive for nightlife. Wells is also well known for playing host to the famous national comedy school Second City and the nightclubs and comedy hotspots where they have been making people laugh for the better part of a century—and having a good time themselves as well.

Old Town also has a thriving market of one of the more trendy living arrangement options out there—loft living. Lofts tend to be a lot like studio apartments, except larger and even more open. They are often two stories and often installed to fill up odd spaces. All that space means freedom when it comes to occupants decorating, and a single loft can usually be resigned to house a number of roommates comfortably. They are also an increasingly favorable option for families living in the city, as they provide more space without the taxes or investment risk that come with home ownership. Call today and have one of Core Group amitriptyline for pain Chicago’s expert agents show you the housing options available.

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