What is there to do in Gold Coast?

Gold coast is famous for being home to some of Chicago’s wealthiest and most famous individuals. But thanks to roommates and diverse living options more and more younger professionals are moving in as well, even some students bound for DePaul, Northwestern, and elsewhere. But what exactly is there to do in this famous slice of Chicago?

The shopping. Whether you have cash to burn or you’re only buying with your eyes Gold Coast has jewelry shops, boutiques, fashion establishments, and enough of them to keep any party interested and busy for weekend after weekend. There are also larger shops including sporting goods stores and major booksellers to the south where Gold Coast starts to muddle into River North and the Hancock center area.

online The nightlife. Some of Chicago’s most beloved bars reside in Gold Coast, especially to the south of the neighborhood. While drinks are still a little more than you would find in a smaller town, they are fair by Chicago standards and always strong. It is also extremely easy to call the bar and set up a party to get half price wristbands or other specials. Gold Coast also has fast public transport to clubs downtown or up to the eternal party that is Wrigleyville. Cheap


The Beaches. Just start walking east on any street and you will hit some of Chicago’s best beachfront property. North Beach and others are crowded with city and pro volleyball in the summer, swimmers swimming along the breakwater, and families having grand afternoons on the beach. You can also bring your own bike or rent one from several stands and take a long ride up or down the Lakefront Trail past Lincoln Park to the North (and Lincoln Park Zoo) or South past Navy Pier and Grant Park.

The food. Pick a street and star walking, you will soon find Chicago cuisine suitable to any craving, jonesing, or hankering. Chicago is famous for food for a reason, and if you aren’t eating out once or twice a week you are missing out—but I admire your restraint.

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