Furnishing an apartment like a pro

Moving into a Chicago Apartment usually means moving into a smaller space than what you were used to, unless this is your first apartment out of college in which case the size will probably be similar. But regardless, even a small apartment can become a home and can look the part, especially with a  few Chicago Apartment Decorating tips from your friends at Core Group


0. Simplify. This blog has said it before and will probably state it again, but living in Chicago in a Chicago apartment requires choices to be made. There is not room for everything and honestly that is a good thing—because you hardly need any of it. How many items of clothing haven’t you worn in two years? Or old files? Bills? Will you EVER read some of those old paperbacks again? And if your board games are missing half the pieces will you miss the entire set?

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Go through everything with a TOSS pile direct to the garbage, a KEEP pile, and a MAYBE pile. Then throw away the maybe file when you are finished as well. Moving into a Chicago apartment is a chance to get to the basics, clear out the clutter, and enjoy your experiences in the city rather than indoors. There is a story of an Indian tribe stating that if you cannot fit all of your possessions into one canoe, you own too much. That may not be true in modern days, but the spirit of that wisdom remains as valuable as it was then.


1.  Open Arms. In small apartments space is at a premium and you want to do everything you can to make the place feel bigger and feel open. Buying furniture without bulky arms is one effective way to do this. Sofas or padded chairs that lack arms look modern and can actually give you a few square feet per arm of simple uncluttered space that your apartment will be in desperate need of. Also if your couch doesn’t have arms it will be incredibly easier to get up the stairs and into your new home.

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2. If you feel your furniture is too far out, leaving a boring flat back, back it up using a tall slim desk with a chair that can easily slide underneath it. This will take advantage of your space, fill up the boring blankness behind your couch, add extra TV seating, and the desk can be used as a table for food when entertaining.

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