Furnishing an apartment like a pro, end.


9. File cabinets can be covered over and hung with fabric to add to desk/counter space and not look like work items. Picking folders, boxes, and binders that match your room’s color scheme is another great way to go.

10. Not exactly a decorating tip, but one that is absolutely vital for those living in Chicago. Have a good door mat as well as a supply of newspaper hidden away. Convenient as electronic news may be when it rains, snows, sleets, and does worse you are going to need some classic paper to stuff down your shoes and keep them from rotting. This happens more often in the Windy City than you may expect.

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11. Consider an ottoman for extra seating space, or filing the ottoman with small cushioned squares which will allow you to seat guests on the floor easily.

12. Avoid tattered college posters and instead go for framed posters, digital paintings, or fabric pin boards that you can anoint with your own memories, images, photos, notes, mementoes, and more. Rim the pin board with ribbon for a framed look if you feel it is lacking. But be careful with putting holes in the walls, and be prepared to carefully fill whatever  damage you do before you leave.

12. Area rugs are a great way to get past the plain and simple apartment floors. They are easy to move, you can take them with you, and you can vacuum them easily. Better and cheaper than carpet (though not as cushioned) and a great way to defeat the ‘apartment’ feeling that is rampant with new move ins.

13. Instead of switching normal, boring apartment light fixtures just go ahead and buy a cheap cover up. Many companies manufacture cover-ups that are specifically designed to go around apartment light fixtures and add a necessary bit of flair to the uppermost reaches of your new space.

Moving to a Purchase Chicago apartment is an exciting event, and decorating afterwards can be a great challenge as well.  Get to this stage easier with the help of the experts at Core Group Chicago, experts who will use their experience and knowledge of this beautiful city to your best advantage. Call or email us today to see how.

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