Furnishing an apartment like a pro continued.

3.  Opt for multiuse furniture. These include ottomans and decorative baskets that, while they can be used for seating, also have storage space inside. Other decorative boxes can easily fit under end tables or coffee tables without disrupting your apartment space, taking advantage of all the room possible.


4. Try to focus on obtaining furniture that has texture and bright colors as most apartments are very plain and lack color or architectural details.

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5. Improve your kitchen by adding extra storage/holding space to the walls. Rows of hooks, extra shelving, and more can help alleviate the emptiness while also giving you storage space besides your precious countertops. Lining up seldom used supplies along the space on up of your cupboards can also help you max out what you have to work with.


6. Look for high shelving. When you only have a few hundred feet of space in your apartment it pays to take advantage of those feet in places you otherwise wouldn’t use them. Finding and putting tall shelves together can give you extra storage space, make your apartment feel taller, and it won’t cost you as far as other furniture space.

7. Build your home office in. If you have a studio, one bedroom, or convertible it is likely that your work space and living space will overlap often, even if you have an office for your day job. Therefore you need to think about your work items gelling with the rest of your apartment space. There are a number of ways you can do this. Losing the TV in favor of a large computer screen with a TV hookup can save space and also make your workstation a real part of the room, especially if you obfuscate your other electronic devices (printers, etc) behind the screen or under your desk.

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8. Consider an ancient Dutch tradition and stowing your trashcan underneath your sink. A smaller can may have to be emptied more often, but this will also keep smells from accumulating which is vital in a small space. You can maximize the space underneath your sink with a small plastic shelf system to separate washcloths and other cleaning supplies.

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