Family Living in Chicago

Families in Chicago seem to have a hard time. Aside from concerns about various neighborhoods and school districts, difficulty in finding other families in the same stage of life to hangout or set play dates with, and the price of groceries after state and local taxes, families have to worry about where they live. In Chicago space is at a premium and even with the condo market favoring sellers, many people find the price of Chicago real estate (especially real estate big enough to fit a family of four or more) to simply be too great to afford.

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But there are options. Single family homes and townhouses in Chicago are very pricy, it’s true. Many of them top a million dollars easy. But condo development with families in mind has always existed in Chicago and presents a very real alternative. Many of these developments are mid rise and provide living spaces with two bathrooms and three bedrooms. Others involve converted single family homes which provide a whole top or bottom floor and most of these options go for less than half of what you would expect from a single family stand alone home (400-500K vs. one million).


When you look for family style condos in Chicago you want to narrow your focus down to a few things.

Firstly, the area. Check the school district or, if you desire it, the availability of private educational academies nearby. How is the commute to your office or downtown locations? Finding a spot that is far enough from the main roads to have some elbowroom but close enough to provide a speedy trip to work can be tricky, but still should be done.

Secondly, the nearby parks. If you have children no one needs to tell you that they have energy, and all that energy in even a large condo will end disastrously. Have a space either in the association’s courtyard or a nearby nature trail or public park where they can run around and burn off some energy to grow muscles and be loud, provided you keep an eye on them during it.


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