Family Living In Chicago pt2

High cleanings. Living in a cave gets old and high ceilings can help grant a sense of openness and freedom which will pay off over months and years, especially with lots of bodies bustling around.

A big kitchen/dining space. Although it may be tempting to sacrifice the kitchen or dining room in favor of an entertainment  area, the fact is that eating is a daily occurrence and if you have four lunches to prepare in basically a walk in closet you are going to want to move before you even get the mayonnaise open. Have space for an oversized kitchen table as well, as good family bonding always occurs around the dinner table, whether from school work, dining, or even arts and crafts.


Pet friendliness. We should all know this story. Even if you don’t like pets now  there may come a day where you are simply outvoted by those in your family who want a little dog or cat to call their own. Having at least the option of a pet (or not having that option) may be advantageous to the future, at least check.

Storage space. Most large condo associations and complexes do a very good job of having storage space somewhere on the premises, which will be more than necessary as families build up supplies of summer vs. winter clothing, bikes, old school assignments, and the other flotsam and jetsam of life. Storage space, whether for long term vacations, motorcycles, bicycles, seasonal clothing, decorations, and other supplies can make the difference between a comfortable apartment, and an overstuffed family prison.


If you are looking to take your family to the big city don’t believe what some people may tell you about suburban America being the only option for a good family life. Millions of families are living in thriving in Chicago right now and you can and will find space within your budget in which to live comfortably and happily. Contact Core Group Chicago and we promise we will do our utmost to find and secure the right Chicago Single family home or Chicago Family Apartment fanegada for you. Give us a call and see how today.


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