Exciting News for Chicago’s Wolf Point

Those moving into South Loop, River North, and West Loop Apartments Cheap valtrex generic walmart Purchase Purchase and condos, I have interesting news regarding your landscape.

A few days ago long awaited plans for the development of Wolf Point were finally released to the public in an overnight email. Wolf point, for those who aren’t sure, is a little peninsula of land descending from the north at the point where the North, South, and East Branches of the Chicago River join and become one. Right now anyone walking along Wacker Drive or the river walk might think of it as an odd beach front parking lot close to a Holiday Inn, the Cityscape Bar, and The Apparel Center Associations of Chicago. But if there is anything true about Chicago (insert politician joke here) it is that that the landscape of the city is always restless, always changing, and this looks like it will be a spectacular change for the better.

The email stated: “The three-phase project includes three towers – a residential building on the western portion and two commercial buildings placed to the south and east. The proposal also provides for a public park and open space, and a major improvement and enhancement of the river walk. The new section of river walk will begin west of the Orleans Street Bridge, extend along the entire perimeter of the site where it ends just south of Kinzie Street, adjacent to the north branch of the Chicago River.”

The funding behind the project comes from Hines Group as well as Kennedy Enterprises and Magellan Development Group. Architects Pelli Clarke, Pelli Architecture, bKL Architecture, and Wolf Landscaping Architecture are behind the plan which features, in order from West to East, a 525 foot-tall residential building with 500 Chicago luxury apartments,  a 950 feet tall commercial building (at the south of the point), and a 750 foot-tall commercial building. Each building emphasizes the same architectural style, mainly silver/blue glass and rounded tapered silhouettes.

Zoning for the area has long been in place. Over 40 years in fact. The plans are expected to be approved and construction to start soon. 
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