Essential things to know before you come to Live in Chicago IV


Number 6. Be confident. Even if you don’t know the city well walk like you own it. There are a few reasons. One, Chicago is inundated by tourists and walking around with glassy fear eyes like you have no idea where you are identifies you as a tourist, even if you just moved here. Also if you look like fresh meat be prepared for panhandlers to single you out as good marks. They will attempt to pressure you and get in your face as most suburban or rural individuals just don’t know how to handle confrontational solicitation. Chicago natives, on the other hand, confidently tell them to get lost. Toughen up and don’t worry about getting lost, the worst case is that you’ll see a little more of your new home city. And if a panhandler does get in your face the law states that no one can ask you for anything twice and that if you say no they need to leave you alone. You can call the cops if you need to.

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Number 7. Hunting for space to live in Chicago can be a stretching experience. Most online postings are flooded with fake, bait-and-switch advertisements or expired listings. The city itself is facing a sluggish condo market (though the prices are still high) and rising apartment rents marking increased demand for apartment living. It’s just hard to find open spots right now. Fortunately at Core Group we do find places for people often and efficiently, because it is our job. Call or email us today and we can give you more advice about specific Chicago neighborhoods and we can help you find whatever sort of living or working space you need in the windy city.

Chicago is a great place to be. There are ups and downs of course, but in the end this town breathes deep and most people here wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The pride in someone’s voice when they tell you that they are from here is proof enough of that fact.

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