Essential things to know before you come to Live in Chicago II

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And then you come to fall and winter. Fall is rainy and often dreary, fallen leaves go everywhere, but the air gets nice and crisp and noticeably colder, and winter is a nightmare. Snow falls often and paths in front of buildings may run through piles that are several feet deep. Snow and ice often falls from buildings as well, resulting in ‘falling ice’ warnings on posters around certain places. It is a wet cold as well, like an Irish Damp. Buy a great coat and rose colored sunglasses to make it through intact.

Number 3: Be aware that every neighborhood Cheap has, usually, two personalities. Each sector of the city attracts different kinds of people from different backgrounds. The architecture may be different, the level of security may be different. There is a different feel and beat. And then that feel may change entirely once the sun starts to set and the nightlife comes out. Know whether your part of the city, no matter how it looks during the day, turns into a rowdy thoroughfare at night (lots of sports bars are one indication). And know who is going there. Different party areas attract more students, more young professionals, or more of the landed older adult population. Alternative hotspots abound in some corners as well, making being out a night a truly, special, adventure.

Number 4: Cars in Chicago are usually unnecessary, irritating, and always expensive to keep around. State license, state sticker, city sticker, repairs, parking meters, parking tickets, parking permits, car insurance, extra high gas prices, etc. You really need to shell it out to keep a vehicle inside the city, and if you don’t have a dedicated parking garage at both your work and your home you may well want to simply forget about having a vehicle altogether, or at least go look for a new solution. While you can get parking passes for your zone of the city at the Order Order tramadol online city clerk’s office, actually finding spaces to park your car is difficult and time consuming, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to every night.

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