Some easy ideas to turn your apartment green and save money as well


Living in Chicago does invite a more expensive standard of living. Sticker prices for property are higher, there are condo association fees and city taxes, and groceries are simply pricier than what you might expect to find in rural areas. This means than any online cost cholestoplex Green Chicago apartment or condo liver should be ready and willing to implement a few cost cutting measures—especially if that also means living a bit greener in the process. These tactics are especially effective for individuals moving into Chicago for the first time and setting up and planning their apartment or condo, and if this situation describes you make sure you also call Core Group. We can streamline your apartment or condo search process and get you set up in the perfect little corner of the city for you. Call or email us today to see how.

Get set up with power strips to avoid the phantom drain.

Phantom drain occurs when you have appliances plugged in that you have turned off, however they still slowly sip power despite the lights being off. In most homes phantom drain accounts for around 40% of all the energy consumption. Since most of your technology tends to stand in clusters anyway (entertainment centers, computer stations, etc.) just go ahead and get these stations set up with power strips from the beginning.

Talk to your landlord about working together to change out your old appliances

Whether you pay for electricity or have it include in your rent, most landlords are very willing to consider making changes and partnering with you to cover the cost of new energy efficient refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. New eco-friendly improvements here and around areas like ecofriendly countertops, shower heads, and light fixtures will help increase the energy efficiency of your apartment which will have a positive effect for everyone involved. Also look for government or local programs to increase efficiency.


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