Easy Apartment Upkeep Fixes

At Core Group Chicago we are about more than sticking you with an apartment somewhere in the city. We believe that we can only thrive by providing people with the very best options for Chicago Apartments, listening to what our clients’ needs really are, and then helping to make sure that their apartment experience is positive even after they sign their lease. That may mean a quick check up call once in a while, and it may mean advice to help you make your apartment stay as excellent as possible. Like so…

 When you put down your security deposit you are essentially tying your hands as far as furnishing goes. There are hundred little ways that you can lose pieces from that deposit and it can take hours of work at the end of your stay to undue even unintentional damage to your room before inspection. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything you can do to your apartment to make it more livable, and still stay under the security deposit radar…

1-use sticky or touch button lights for nooks and spots in your room that don’t have good fixture light or a place for a stand up lamp. These little devices are cheap and you can find them at stores around the city. These lights run on high efficiency batteries and almost never need to be replaced.

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2-over organize your cabinets using baskets or crates to create more space for pots, pans, dishes, silverware, and more. Apartment living is all about spacial efficiency, and any subdividing you can do to give everything a place will pay off over time.

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3-Replace faucets like your shower head or sinks if they have too much or too little power. You can typically find one that matches your apartment’s décor and your landlord will never need to know!


4-Avoid making nail holes whenever possible by using wall decals, door mirrors, and hanging command strips or other non-penetrative décor fixings. Just be careful as even these may pull pieces of the wall off if you don’t remove them correctly at the end.

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