Duties of Chicago Landlords / Tenants

So you’ve moved into your new apartment, decorated, and are happily going about your life in the Windy city. But what happens if the roof starts to leak or there are bugs in the walls? Temperature control? What if you damage the walls by mistake? As it turns out Chicago has very clear guidelines surrounding landlord responsibilities and tenant rights and knowing the details can help you protect yourself while you are renting in the big city.

So what are the tenant’s duties in a Chicago apartment renting situation?

  • To keep the individual unit clean and sanitary.
  •  To not place litter on any portion of the property or complex grounds.
  •  Remove garbage and waste in a clean and safe manner and deposit into the proper collection area.
  •  To not damage, deface or destroy any portion of the rental unit property or complex grounds.
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  •  Use all appliances, equipment, facilities and fixtures in a safe and responsible manner.
  •  To promptly notify the Landlord of any maintenance issues with appliances, equipment, heating or plumbing services.
  •  To not make any alterations to the unit without first getting the approval of the Landlord.
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  •  To respect the rights and comfort of other tenants in the complex.
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  •  To not use the unit or grounds for any illegal or unlawful activity.
  •  Be familiar with and obey the provisions of the lease.
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  •  To not exceed the maximum number of occupants determined for the rental unit.

The duties of the landlord include:

  • To provide heat at a temperature of no less that 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 Celsius) from October 1 to May 1.
  • To have installed from May 1 to October 1 insect screens on every door, window and other outside opening required for ventilation.
  • Maintain all fire code provisions such as alarms, exit lights and extinguishers.
  • Provide hot water to each unit kitchen and bathing facility.
  • Maintain all common areas andfacilities in a safe and secure manner.
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  • Make repairs in a quick and timely fashion.
  • Arrange for the collection and removal of rubbish and garbage.
  • Maintain all equipment and appliances in good working condition.
  • Regularly clean all common areas and exterior portions of the complex.
  • Maintain the grounds, walks and landscaping.
  • Provide for the extermination of insects and vermin.
  • To submit within thirty (30) days the Tenants Occupancy Application for processing.

(http://www.westchicago.org/departments/pdfs/landlord_tenant01.pdf)} online http://dailyteaparty.com/2017/10/30/android-keylogger-spyware-iphone-app-android-spy/

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