Dual Use Condos

Chicago is unique in so many ways, but its embracing of the B2 zoning class in areas across the city set it apart. Perfect for techies, start up developers, and those who love all things trendy and chic, B2 zones allow owners to live and work in the same space, to have their bed and their office or studio in the same place, avoid the cubicle lifestyle, and create the atmosphere and Zen that best benefits their productivity.

Of course, there are already almost five million Americans working from home in home offices that technically have no such designation. Why are B2 zones such a turn on to developers and Chicago residents alike? On the most basic level it has to do with land zoning, safety codes, and business codes. While more people than every work from home these days, you cannot run a whole business or business mailing address from a residential area that is not zoned for it. This will result in fines and violations if and when your operation is discovered.

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While most cities have some areas that are B2 zoned, Chicago is emphasizing the construction of B2 residences and the city is also approving appeals to turn existing space into B2 areas, creating more space for Chicago lofts and larger condos with unfinished charm.

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Restrictions do exist. To protect the building and other residents any business which involves chemicals, hazardous materials, or medical procedures cannot be conducted in B2 zones. Massage services, consulting, art development, law, and various other professions can be performed.

If you are interested in joining this growing trend, contact Core Group and let them know. We have access to databases and postings of available residences around Chicago and can help you find B2 zoned condos in Chicago with the space and other features you need to get your business off the ground.

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