Dealing With Chicago Street Sweeping

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 Bright orange flyers should be showing up in your neighborhood soon if they aren’t already, as April first marks the beginning of the Chicago street sweeping season. This means that side streets will have an occasional sweeping schedule marked by cardboard signs on poles, and some main streets will have permanent signs with cleaning schedules that will go into effect.


Those moving into the city for the first time are often surprised by the suddenness of street sweeping season as well as the penalty. The orange cardboard posters are put up by members of the Department of Streets and Sanitation only the day before the sweeping commences, and any cars left on the street during that time are hit with between a 50 and 60 dollar fine in an orange envelope tucked under their wiper blades. While the inconvenience affects just about everyone the worst of it falls on those who live in Chicago condos or Chicago apartments that don’t have dedicated parking. If the individual doesn’t need to leave home that day or if they simply leave their car parked and take the train to work they can get hit by the fine without ever seeing it coming.

For this reason it is a good idea to go to the City of Chicago Street Sweeping Cheap page  and check the schedule for your ward. You can also sign up for email updates in certain areas. online Pills Buy

Buy As inconvenient as the scheduled cleanups are they do serve an important purpose. Fallen leaves, rubbish, even dead animals begin to pile up, especially after a few long months of winter. As Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Thomas G. Byrne states, “Keeping the streets clean is critical for allowing safe travel for motorists and for sustaining effective storm water management in our sewer system.” If it never happened you would miss it.

Just make sure to pay attention and avoid the fines in your area. Parking violations regarding street sweeping add up into the millions for the city every year—better to just pay your taxes and move your car when you need to. 


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