Chicago is Greening the Skyline!

 On June 6th, 2012 Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emmanuel addressed one of the biggest issues in Chicago real estate Order . No, not high apartment prices or relatively low condo prices. Emmanuel announced plans to help curb greenhouse gasses in Chicago and continue to green the Windy City while also benefiting Chicago’s industry and economy.

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The target is energy consumption in commercial buildings and as of now 14 of the biggest and most famous downtown buildings, including The AT&T Building at 225 West Randolph Street, CNA Headquarters at 333 South Wabash Avenue, Fifth Third Center at 222 South Riverside Plaza, Franklin Center at 227 West Monroe Street & 222 West Adams Street, the  Hyatt Center at 71 South Wacker Drive, and the NBC Tower at 454 North Columbus Drive, have all agreed to participate in the so-called Retrofit Chicago’s Commercial Buildings Initiative.

The project, according to the Mayor’s office, is estimated to create over a thousand new jobs while saving the buildings over $5 million dollars a year in energy expenditure permanently. This translates into a 20% reduction in energy expenditure (at least) over the coming five year period. Order

“Today is a major step forward for the City of Chicago, as we create a private sector complement for the work we are doing to ensure energy efficiency in our municipal buildings and infrastructure,” Emmanuel said in a statement.

These retrofits will cut down on energy consumption, on carbon release, and on pollution in the city, helping permanently green it for posterity and greater economic effectiveness.

The plan is in no small part thanks to the Statewide Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard, passed in 2007 by the Illinois General Assembly, which requires local Chicago utility companies ComEd, People’s Gas, and others to make investments in energy efficiency while lowering the amount of ‘dirty’ energy required to power buildings and homes in the Chicago area.

But while Chicago works to green up some of the most beautiful and iconic commercial buildings on the skyline, there are also ways that you as an individual in a single residential apartment can work to help reduce your own power consumption and energy usage. Some of these methods will be addressed in the next Core Group Chicago Sales Blog posting.


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