Carl Sandburg Village continued.

The initial roadblock to construction was presented by one Alderman Mathias “Paddy” Bauler, the same who famously proclaimed, the night that Richard J. Daley defeated Robert E. Merrian for Mayor in April, 1955 “Chicago ain’t ready for reform yet!” Bauler feared a loss of low-income voters and strongly resisted Chicago’s gentrification which would provide habitat for “silk-stockinged Republicans.” However, he was overruled by Governor Richard J. Daley and the city proceeded to relocate over a thousand residents and demolish the structures in the area for reconstruction, unfortunately displacing the first community of Chicago Puerto Ricans who have since also been displaced from Lincoln Park and Humboldt Park as the city has grown and changed.

Rubloff managed to acquire the site for construction, following an intense bidding session, and construction on five high rise buildings as well as dozens of Carl Sandburg Village Townhouses Pills was quickly begun. The region was intended to provide highly affordable housing, rents at $115 a month for studio apartments, and $133 and $167 for one and two bedroom apartments respectively. Features such as full electrical wiring and fully furnished kitchens were widely advertised. However at the opening of the village rents turned out to be higher than projected. And that was not the last surprise residents have faced.

A generation later in the 1970s Condos started to boom on the North Side of Chicago and most of the large Chicago apartment complexes began to switch over. Sandburg Village was one of the last to go, but finally in 1979 the switch was announced and residents became panic stricken. The cost of buying a condo is significantly more, and significantly more permanent, than a few hundred dollars a month for rent. As reporters of the time put it, Condomania set in. And, a few years later, when the condo boom collapsed Sandburg village cleared out. At one point nearly 1000 units were in some state of foreclosure.


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