Carl Sandburg Village continued 2

But did the village and its 2,610 units, over 8000 inhabitants, accomplish what it set out to? As Denise DeClue penned for the Chicago Reader on January 20, 1978, “The people who live in Sandburg think of themselves as living in a village within a city. They can swim and play tennis and racquetball in their village; use the “hospitality” rooms for camera, bridge, and exercise clubs. They can attend Catholic mass there, shop for groceries there, visit the village’s dentist, barber, and florist. They can stroll along the well-tended malls, park their cars in convenient underground garages, park their bikes in locked rooms.” The village created a city within a city as she writes, a fort of stability and prosperity that stabilized the area, enticing investors to come in and develop the surrounding area and pushing back the low income residents year after year. This was the fort that threw back the urban blight and, according to many, redeemed North Chicago in the same way that Dearborn Park, a project in the South Loop, stabilized or at least separated those areas.

The development is named after the American Writer Carl Sandburg (just as individual associations inside the Village are named after other American writers) who famously penned “The Windy City” and expressed his praise for the project and his willingness to donate his own name to the region.

The village has extensive amenities and most of its design emphasizes open space with a central concourse running north-south. There are two swimming pools at the south and northern ends, party rooms, four tennis courts, a child play area, dry cleaners, health care offices, child care facilities, and more. Underground garages provide parking and grocers are nearby. In fact the Potash Market at 1525 N. Clark was once reported as the highest grossing grocery in the USA by square foot.

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