Bucktown/Wicker Park



Bucktown and Wicker Park are neighborhood names which describe an area between Armitage Avenue to the north, Chicago Avenue to the south, Western Avenue to the west and I-90/94 to the east. Wicker Park forming a large rectangle to the west of the paired neighborhoods, around the central, triangular Wicker Park Proper, and Bucktown taking up the Eastern region below the freeways. The area, like much of modern Chicago, was first built out of wood but following the Great Chicago Fire was rebuilt from brick, stone, and mortar in a huge variety of styles. The neighborhood is primarily residential and has housed a wide ranging and unique mix of residents since its founding. Since its founding different parts of the neighborhood have been dominated by the wealthy, the working class, by Germans, then Scandinavians, Polish, Jews, African Americans, Ukrainians, and other Eastern Europeans. However the 1930s brought a wave of change to the area as wealthy residents fled the area, stricken by the great depression, and headed for more genteel areas and cordoned neighborhoods. Their mansions and townhouses were then repurposed into modern Wicker Park and Buy Bucktown apartments and condo options, some of which are still in use today.

Wicker Park and Bucktown especially have become a favorite neighborhood for college and university students, due to the access to basic groceries, nightlife, and easy publicĀ  transport to the downtown area as well as various university campuses (Northwestern Downtown, DePaul, and others). Most of the neighborhood consists of beautiful rows of townhouses and low level apartment complexes at extremely affordable Chicago residential rates. Wicker Park itself is also a very well maintained spot and a favorite of locals for numerous events including Movies in the Parks, a summer movie festival thrown by the city which is absolutely free to attend. If you are looking for Buy Wicker Park Apartments or are interested In living in Bucktown, give Core Group Chicago a call today so we can set up an appointment to show you around the town and see if it is what you are looking for. Our professional real estate agents are standing by to assist you, why not take advantage of their expertise and experience?


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