Basic Tips for Chicago Newcomers

Thinking of moving to Chicago for the very first time? Welcome! Chicago is a fantastic place to call home and one that attracts thousands of new college graduates, innovators, students, and workers year round. But starting a search for a new Purchase Chicago apartment can be highly intimidating and you are going to need a place to start. After all, Chicago has thousands of apartments and condos of every shape and size continually cycling in and out of the market, and the city itself is vast with over 2.8 million residents and 210 neighborhoods for you to choose from. But don’t worry, talk to a Core Group agent today and we will help you narrow down your search and come up with some of the best and most affordable and appropriate options for your situation. But in the mean time, here are some tips to help you get started.

· Investigate the neighborhoods, but don’t go overboard. Chicago is packed with unique niches and new spots to explore but for your initial search try to focus on areas with direct transportation arteries between your work or your school, or simply avoid the issue and look in the neighborhood itself. Densely packed as Chicago is you may be able to work and live within walking distance. Feel free to read up on the neighborhoods in this blog if you need more inspiration, and remember that the further from the Loop (the downtown area, bounded by the elevated rail system) you get the cheaper the rents will tend to be.

· Be prepared for the sticker shock. Chicago stands with a number of major metropolitan areas as far as high priced real estate. It is not uncommon for studio apartments to go for a rent higher than you would expect a whole house rent to pass for in a smaller city or subdivision. That is part of Chicago, along with high taxes and expensive groceries.

· Define your needs for apartment space, not your wants. Sticker shock may cause panic when you are discussing what features you must have vs. what you would like to have. Prepare ahead and if that means aiming for a smaller place just check your perspective. If moving to a new space means shedding a lot of useless flotsam and jetsam, consider that a benefit and even possibly therapy. Besides, you will be living in one of the world’s great cities—why would you want to stay in your apartment all the time?document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript); Purchase Purchase Buy Purchase Pills

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