Some Basic Chicago Housing Terminology (Studio, Convertible, and 1 BD+)

When most people come to Chicago for the first time and start looking at living options, the sheer  volume of  what is available is staggering, while the unique shorthand terminology that goes to describe each of these options can be hard to follow if you grew up in a sub division full of basic  ranch style houses. Here are some of the Chicago apartment and Chicago Condo options available to you through the helpful agents at Core Group Chicago.

The Studio Apartment.


A studio is a residential apartment that you can find all over the city in sizes ranging from tiny to almost loft-like. They are a single open space encompassing the kitchen, bedroom, and living room, although few studio apartments are actually a perfect cube. Many have rather unique or disparate geometry that makes it hard to judge a studio apartment without actually seeing it first.


The Junior One-Bedroom/Convertible.

A subset of studio apartments, convertibles are technically one room with the bedroom, kitchen, and living room combined, however they also contain a sort of alcove or jog over which creates a slightly separate (though not walled off or set with a door) space for the bed or kitchen. These convertibles do tend to be slightly larger, on the average than your studio set-up.

1, 2, 3 Bedroom Apartments: self explainable.

The One Bedroom+

These apartments, which you will see listed as one bedroom plus den or one bedroom plus office, are apartments with three separate spaces, a living room, den office, and bedroom. The reason behind calling these apartments 1 BD + instead of 2 BD goes back to ordinance. In Chicago bedroom spaces must pass requirements for natural light and ventilation. If there is an apartment on the market that falls short of this code for one of two bedroom spaces, it becomes a one bedroom plus. The den or office is always windowless and therefore not the optimum bedroom space, but many go ahead and use it for one anyway.

Check back tomorrow for more descriptions of Chicago apartments Cheap , condos, and terminology!

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