Apartment Decorating Classics—and how you can get past them

There are a number of tried and true Chicago apartment Order decorating tracks that work without question and even add a certain impoverished chic to your space. But while these techniques work they do come off as extremely juvenile and can be left behind for cheaper than you would suspect. If you are changing apartments with online Core Group Chicago in the near future here are some ways that you can leave the tacky clichés behind and dress up your new place like a pro.

1) Milk Crate Shelves. I confess I have done this myself for years and still have one stack remaining in my kitchen to hold certain utensils in a corner. The crates are great for giving you cheap shelves that you can put in basically any configuration anywhere and also use them to move significant amounts of stuff when you need too. Personally, I say keep them and do so gladly—but  feel free, when you get the right stage, to go and invest in a tall narrow bookshelf from a second hand store or cheap apartment furniture spot. The wood comes off as less tacky (especially in your main room) and, when you can put some books on the shelves, also donates an air of sophistication as well.

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2) Cinder blocks. Most of my friends in college used these to create stadium seating, build bookshelves, and one even made a second bed space underneath the bunk beds so they could sleep three stacked. However, cinderblocks tend to leave debris and dust, scratch up wood floors, and they look terrible. There isn’t a lot of charm there. Plus they are extremely difficult and heavy to move in the best of circumstances. I strongly recommend dumping the cinderblocks and getting a real bookshelf like mentioned above. But if that is unacceptable  and you are too strongly attached to your cinderblocks to part with them, pick a warm color paint and add three layers, then stain and varnish the wood you are using for the shelves. This will add to the room’s décor and I have seen many instances where the effect is rather urban and artistic when everything is all said and done. Google images of cinderblock furniture for more ideas—even if you rent all that crafty a little effort is a small price to pay for some class.

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