Apartment Decorating Classics—and how you can get past them continued.

3. Posters. Posters are sold by the thousand to college students just after they move into their apartments every fall, and they typically hang, tattered, torn, until graduation and then migrate to the first apartment, where they fly like flags marking gloried days long past and forgotten…   But really they need to go away. While hanging unframed posters is easy and low impact it looks cheap and low class—and hanging college classic posters will make you personally seem even more  so. Honestly it is typically better just to leave the walls blank—especially if you can paint one and add a little color and contrast to your apartment. At the very least frame your poster and all your art work, and try to avoid doing too much damage to your walls while doing so.

4. Making piles. Even new apartment owners sometimes have more stuff than they can deal with (especially in tiny studio Chicago apartments spread all over the city. In this environment things can get out of control as far as organization, leading to states of ‘over decoration’ where knickknacks and keepsakes are everywhere. At the same time some individuals who don’t have enough furniture, pictures, or etc try to position what they do have for maximum exposure, ironically creating the same overdone feel. When you are living in an apartment you want to with a minimalist mindset. Arrange things to be both useful and eye pleasing, not because you just happen to have it. Try investing in baskets, containers, or ottomans if you need more storage space to control the clutter.

5. Control the clutter and use your apartment space modestly. The title here was difficult, but the point is, if you have a living room, kitchen, closet, and bedroom use each of those rooms for what it is for. Even if you are a messy person avoid leaving underwear around your kitchen or living room, and try to keep piles of homework and books out of your kitchen or bedroom. If you misuse your rooms and turn your living room into a second dining room with plates and cups everywhere, or turn it into a second bedroom or closet, you are going to make your guests distinctly uncomfortable (apartment hygiene might be another issue to address). This can become harder to accomplish in studios where the bed shares space with the kitchen and living area, but that only makes it more important to keep things presentable. And if your studio apartment gets too small call us up at Core Group Chicago and see what we can do to help you find new apartment options all over the great city of Chicago.

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