About Us

Core Luxury Residential is a pioneering firm on the cutting edge of ideas, concepts, marketing, and technology constantly reinventing the standard of service and delivering superior perfomance as a fully integrated marketing and management firm. In less than a decade Core luxury Residential has formed into a powerful full service brokerage sales and marketing firm leading the industry in Chicago,northshore, and western suburbs.

Always at the forefront of performance and technology, we are one of the fastest-growing real estate firms in the world, with several hundred million in gross sales. We are not only committed to providing extraordinary service and exceptional results but also to remaining years ahead of the curve. Our Core executive team members merge to provide an unprecedented, vertical, full spectrum approach to every aspect of real estate. From concept to completion, we are there to navigate you through every step of conceptualizing, creating, and off-loading any real estate adventure. Creativity, ingenuity, quality and passion in service and craft are the fundamentals to our success and growth.

At Core our agents have a way of understanding your home and what makes it, and you, unique. From buying and selling, to appraisals, mortgage financing, rentals, apartments, condos, homes, and more our experts can offer insightful and timely answers to your questions about all things on the Chicago real estate market. With a powerful combination of talent and technology we have the experience and capability to better guide you through your property exchange from beginning to end.


At Core we give our clients the very best, the best in choice, the best in brokers and the best in experience. We love Chicago – we live in Chicago, and we know the area. We are giving our clients the tools they need to succeed in finding a new home.