How to make the transition to Chicago Apartments cont.

A few more Buy Purchase Chicago Apartment online tips to help you make your movie easier.

Figure out parking in your area. If you have a car this may come about naturally, if not you still need to. Whenever you have guests from out of town, family, or even friends visiting your area who do have cars you are going to be the one they ask about parking. Know which streets are free parking, what hours they area, and how busy they area. You should also locate the nearest overnight parking garage just in case. You also have the option of heading to the city clerk’s office and presenting them proof of address. They will then give you 15 overnight parking passes for whatever parking zone you live in. These passes have an adhesive backing and go in the bottom right hand side of the guest car. You also need to write the date and time when you are parking as they are one night only. The pack of 15 costs only 8 dollars and is valid for most of the year, and can save you a huge amount of time over looking for a parking spot after everyone has already come home from work.


Figure out your grocery system. Most Chicago grocery stores do reflect the higher cost of living that comes from big cities. Fortunately you can usually get membership cards to bring down the prices substantially especially if you watch for good sales. The other issue is transportation. If you lack a car in Chicago  (as a large percentage of the population does, and they do just fine) you are going to need to figure out how far your grocery store is, whether  you can walk or take the bus, and how you are going to transport your groceries afterwards. Large reusable bags are one option while others use rolling carts to take it easier on their arms. If you do have a car you are going to need to decide where to park while you are grocery shopping and how long you have for your trip before your parking, or your parking validation, run out. Also, do you have a new spot waiting for you when you get back? Or are you going to factor in time to find a new spot at home before yours is taken. Every second could make the difference between melted ice cream, and non-melted.


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